Agency FAQ

 See also General FAQ for questions relating to the use of the Mema website!


If I register on the Mema website, will I be able to add office branches?

Yes, when you register for the first time, you must provide Head Office details only. If your recruitment firm has more than one office you will be able to add details of your company branches once logged in. It's FREE to sign up!!!


Can I contact an employer directly if I wish to learn more about a posted vacancy?

Yes, you can! While agencies can communicate directly with employers using Mema's built-in messaging system, we leave it up an employer to decide how it wishes to interact with you. An employer can contact you directly using Mema's messaging system, via e-mail or telephonically.   


How does Mema Referral make money and what is the percentage split?

It is free for Employers and Recruiters to use the Mema platform. Mema makes money if an Employer hires by sharing income (i.e. a placement fee) with a successful recruitment agency (i.e. whose candidate gets hired). Please sign up to find out about the exact percentage split which, for Mema, is never higher than 35% and not less than 15%.

Why must a recruitment agency share its income with Mema?

Consider Mema to be both your outsourced Sales Agent bringing you jobs to work on (not leads) that you probably would not have been able gain access to and your Customer Management System that allows your recruitment firm to serve different clients more efficiently in one place.


Is Mema trying to cheapen recruitment fees?

Not at allWhen posting a job on the Mema website, an employer sets the Placement Fee it wishes to pay if it hires. On the contrary, Mema provides incentives for companies to pay enticing placement fees!  


What stops Mema from filling vacancies that are posted on its website and take all the money?

Mema is a recruitment marketplace and NOT a recruitment agency. Our clients know this and use Mema for this very reason. We are happy with our intermediary role. Mema does not own any staffing business nor are we in partnership with any company. We strive to run our business with integrity!


Ok, so if I participate as a Marketplace Recruiter and end up winning a Mema client over. How do I take the new relationship forward?

An employer that is interested in retaining you as its preferred supplier will have to invite you to join its online PSL (or Vendor List) on the Mema website. Once you accept the invitation, via the Mema website, you will then be able to service your client/s as a PSL Recruiter inside Mema.    


Does Mema receive and edit each CV I submit? 

No. Any CV you submit, via the Mema website, is automatically delivered directly to an employer. We do not intercept CV submission. You are welcome to remove your candidates’ contact details prior to submitting their CVs.


How many CVs (resumes) can I submit per vacancy? 

An employer specifies the maximum number of CVs it wishes to receive from each recruitment agency and this figure is displayed in a job advert. 


Who owns a candidate that is submitted via the Mema website?

A recruitment agency owns a candidate for a period of 6 months from the date of initial submission. An employer that hires your candidate within this period will owe a fee and you will be entitled to earn your commission.


Does Mema prevent duplicate CV submission?  

Yes. If you submit a CV, Mema blocks an agency that comes after you from supplying the same CV as yours to the same client for the same job. All CV submissions are time and date stamped.


What happens if one recruitment agency has already submitted a CV but without the consent of the candidate whose CV I also want to legitimately submit?

You must contact us and we’ll investigate the matter. If we can corroborate your claim, we’ll let you know what you must do to submit your candidate’s CV. We may also advise the client to consider your firm as the legitimate supplier and not the the other Recruitment Agency. 

Can I work outside of the Mema website with an employer that I find through Mema?

Yes, you can! Our terms and conditions do not prohibit employers from working with their preferred staffing agencies outside Mema, if they so wish.  


Is there a downside to serving my current client/s outside Mema?

It depends! The following are some of the shortcomings of working with your existing client/s outside Mema, which if you can address you might not need Mema:

  • You might not be able to serve your client/s as efficiently as you would with Mema’s support. Mema, inter alia, keeps record of the recruitment process for you without you (and your client) having to do any data capturing.
  • Secondly, outside Mema you might not be able to give your client/s the kind of value the Mema offers. E.g. a viable a loyalty programme, as a customer retention strategy, which benefits recruitment agencies as well - Mema uses it to incentivise companies to fill vacancies quickly and pay better recruitment agency fees (or placement fees).

I do not struggle to find clients, in fact I have more business than I can handle. Do I need to join Mema?

In that case, you can join Mema if an employer (your client) that is already registered on the Mema website invites you to join its (employer’s) online PSL (Preferred Supplier List). And if you do sign up, we’ll help you avoid receiving notifications of marketplace jobs (i.e. jobs that are posted by companies that never invited you to join their online PSL inside Mema), if this is what you want. 


How do I join Mema?

To join Mema, a recruitment agency must have either proof of registration with SA’s Department of Labour as the Private Employment Agency or been invited by an employer to join its online vendor list inside Mema.

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