Your efficient way of engaging credible recruitment agencies without creating or increasing a vendor list!


MY-MAREKTPLACE: This service allows you to fill vacancies by engaging recruitment agencies that are available in the marketplace, also called Marketplace Recruiters (or non-preferred recruitment firms).  

MY-VENDORLIST: Inside Mema you can build a vendor list of your preferred or favourite recruitment agencies, also called PSL Recruiters. You will have an option to give your job to your PSL Recruiters only.



Gain instant access to a community of top recruitment agencies and fill permanent or contract vacancies, even difficult roles, anywhere in South Africa quickly and without breaking a sweat or the bank. 

No papers to sign! Employers and Recruiters agree to a single set of Mema terms. No need to look for recruitment firms, brief them separately, negotiate different terms and fees or deal with varying billing and discount methods.   

No time wasting! Simply post a job and recruitment firms (5 maximum) will supply talent to you via the Mema website. You will receive pre-screened CVs via e-mail and in your Mema account. 

Communicate directly with engaged recruiters using Mema’s built-in messaging system, via e-mail or by phone. It’s up to you. You can even request to meet your approved recruiters for in-person briefing before they start work! 



With Mema being a B2B platform, you’ll work with recruitment businesses across the country and not individual recruitment consultants. Our employment agencies are either accredited by SA’s Labour Department or are preferred suppliers to Mema clients. The majority of Mema recruitment agencies are APSO affiliatesAnd the relationship we've forged with APSO has enabled us to adopt APSO’s stringent Codes of Ethics and Codes of Professional Practice to which all Mema-registered agencies (including non-APSO members) must adhere. 



Mema is ideal for:

  • Companies that neither have nor need a PSL (Preferred Supplier List). These include big companies that use recruitment agencies as a last resort or infrequently as well as thriving or high-growth potential SMEs with less resourced or no dedicated HR department.
  • Busy HR team - you may also use Mema where HR is swamped with non-recruitment work.

We’ll connect you to a network of recruitment agencies and head hunters that is available to you on demand.