Employer FAQ

 See also General FAQ for questions relating to the use of the Mema website!


Does Mema provide post-hire Money-Back or Employee Replacement Guarantee?

Yes, Mema offers Money-Back Guarantee for a period of up to 3 months from the start date of a new hire’s employment. So, if your company terminates its newly-hired employee’s employment within the Guarantee Period, it can either receive a replacement or get back 70% of its paid amount.


Why should a Company work with Recruitment Agencies through Mema when it can engage these vendors directly?

The short answer is that with Mema you’re guaranteed to get much better value than you do working with employment agencies directly. Please have a look at the Employer Benefits and if our value proposition does not appeal to you, for whatever reason, then the Mema business is probably not right for your company.


Well, I work with one recruitment agency per job that must be filled. Do I still need Mema?

Yes, you can use the Mema platform even if you prefer to engage one Recruiter per job. However, you will have to create a Vendor List or PSL (Preferred Supplier List) of your preferred recruitment firms inside Mema. This way when you post a job you can just select the recruitment firm/s that must work on your brief. You will enjoy more value and lose nothing by working with your preferred recruitment supplier/s via the Mema platform.


I do not do a lot of recruiting and my company's staff turnover is not high. Should we still use Mema?

Yes, you can use Mema if you want to fill one vacancy or more positions in a year.


I already have a contract with my preferred recruitment agencies; can I bring my current PSL (Preferred Supplier List) onto the Mema website? Or should I join Mema once the current contract expires?

Yes, you may have to join Mema when your current contract with your preferred recruitment agencies expires. This is because on the Mema website there is only one contract that employers and recruitment agencies agree to. So, inside Mema, your relationship with your preferred agencies would be governed by Mema’s terms and conditions.


Once I join Mema, can I work with recruitment agencies (including agencies, I find through Mema) outside of the Mema website?

You can! Our terms do not prohibit employers from working with recruitment agencies outside Mema. Obviously in this scenario Mema's terms and conditions would not apply and your company would not enjoy any of the benefits of using our platform. 


I understand that Mema provides 3 types of services (Any Vendor, Invite Bidders and My-Vendorlist) to employers. So once I select one service will I be obliged to use that service to fill all my vacancies?

Not at all! You use one service to fill one vacancy – any vacancy. You do, however, have an option to use one service for all your recruitment needs or alternate these services. It’s entirely up to you! 


What types of jobs can my company advertise on the Mema website?

You can advertise any job, from entry to executive level, in almost any industry. Mema’s growing national network of approved recruitment agencies can help you fill roles in various sectors anywhere in South Africa, faster and effectively (i.e. with quality candidates).


Who owns a candidate that is submitted via the Mema website?

A recruitment agency owns the candidate/s it submits, via the Mema website, for a period of 6 months from the date of initial submission. If you hire a candidate within this period, you will owe a fee.


Can CVs that I receive from recruitment agencies be seen or accessed by other companies?

No, the CVs you receive can be seen by your company only and no one else.