Improve Efficiency

One Contract: Enter into an agreement with Mema only and still be able to engage different recruiting firms per job that must be filled. You work with new Recruiters without pausing to discuss different terms and fees with them.

Avoid Candidate Ownership Disputes: Mema prevents duplicate CV submission. You will not receive same candidate from different Agencies per job! All CV submissions, on the Mema website, are date and time stamped.

Create Your Vendor List (PSL) Easily, inside Mema, without capturing details of recruitment agencies manually. And when Recruiters (Agencies) update their details, your PSL gets updated as well.

Improve Professionalism (Get More Organised)

Back-up CV storage: Find all CVs you receive from Agencies per job, easily, in one place in your Mema website account. No more frustration with CVs being buried in an email inbox.

Save feedback time: Shortlist or reject candidates, schedule interviews online and make offers, from anywhere and anytime. With each action you take, Mema automatically notifies relevant Agencies on your behalf and thus saves you a lot time and effort on feedback. 

Paper trail: Mema also keeps detailed record of transactions, which makes it easy for you and your colleagues to keep track of each recruitment process, if needs be.

No need to draft and send regret messages: On your behalf, Mema automatically performs this task of sending regret messages to unsuccessful Recruiters so they can notify their candidates.


Improve Effectiveness 

Mema commits, in unique ways, to the success of each recruitment brief. We go the extra mile to help Employers hire best-fit candidates that can last longer in their respective companies:

Engage more motivated Recruiters: Mema recruitment agencies are well-incentivised to render good service. For instance, they can earn cash reward for good effort even if they do not make a placement.

You Get Paid If You Get Poor Service: Yes, you heard right! Mema is committed to your recruitment success and we have confidence in our recruitment agencies, so much so that Mema will pay your company if you post the job on the Mema website and receive either no single suitable candidate or no cooperation from candidates (e.g. if no one attends your scheduled interview/s).


Improve Cost Saving

Mema has a novel system that helps Employers reduce their recruitment agency spend dramatically! You get to save a lot of money, consistently, without having to ask recruitment agencies to lower their fees and thus risk making them feel less valued or less appreciated by your company.