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A smarter way for Employers to work with Recruitment Agencies to fill permanent vacancies!

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Connecting employers with recruitment agencies

Mema is B2B a platform that connects Employers to a network of mostly micro Recruitment Agencies that have fewer than 10 employees. Mema simplifies and streamlines how the two parties collaborate to fill vacancies. Recruitment firms get to deliver value to clients, better in one place and access business opportunities without any sales effort on their part. 

Mema supports the engagement of specialist and generalist Recruitment Agencies on a Contingency (no-win, no-pay) and Retained basis to fill permanent or contract vacancies that last for 12 or more months.



FREE sign up!   One Contract!   Deregister Anytime!   

It’s FREE for Employers and Recruiting Firms to register and use the Mema platform. There’s a single set of Mema terms & conditions that protects all parties (Employers, Agencies and Mema). No long-term contract, users can unsubscribe from the Mema website anytime. No paperwork; no delay!


Simply post a job, set the placement fee you'll pay if you hire. Approve Agencies to work with. Receive CVs. If you hire Mema will bill you, keep a small share of the income and then pay the rest to a successful Agency. 




Work with recruiting firms through Mema and:

  • Get the best value; save more time & effort
  • Be paid if you receive poor service 

Recruitment Agencies

Focus more on your billable task of supplying talent:

  • Effortlessly, find new jobs to work on
  • Reduce admin work dramatically

Hire top performers

With Mema, hiring companies get to:

  • Reach a broad talent pool through agencies
  • Receive quality CVs faster, more conveniently


Core Customer Non Core Customer More Focused Recruiting

-    May or may not have HR Department/s

-    Has NO in-house recruitment staff

-    May have staff that dabbles in recruitment

-    SMME and Large business as well

May use Mema regularly or for all your permanent hires or on an ad hoc basis to get superior quality recruitment agency services. Hire new employees without increasing your staff complement, wage bill and overheads. 

-    Has HR Department/s

-    Has dedicated in-house recruitment staff

-    Mostly Big or Medium-sized companies

May use the Mema platform on an ad hoc basis, if you have too many permanent vacancies to fill within a specific period and cannot cope or for position/s you may either not recruit for (e.g. senior/executive roles) or struggle to fill.


Mema handles crucial tasks that are not essential to the recruitment process (i.e. terms that include money-back guarantees, fees, invoicing, refunds, discounts etc.).

This frees time for an Employer and Recruitment Agencies (Recruiters) to focus on their core mandate of filling an open position. So, what an Employer get to discuss with Recruiters is mainly the recruitment brief and candidates – as it should be!

And Recruiters are able to spend more time serving and less time prospecting for clients.




Mema strives to be a no-raw-deal marketplace:


AN EMPLOYER GETS COMPENSATED FINANCIALLY IF: It receives (a) bad or no CVs, (b) poor or no cooperation from Candidates (i.e. no one attends a scheduled job interview or a newly hired candidate fails to start a new job).


PARTICIPATING RECRUITING FIRMS GET COMPENSATED FINANCIALLY IF: an Employer suspends/abandons/cancels/ends its 'contingency' recruitment assignment for reason/s other than lack of either suitability of or cooperation from Candidates.