I signed up but have not received any e-mail from Mema. What's happening?

Check your SPAM folder and if you find our e-mail please mark it as 'NOT SPAM' in order to prevent future Mema e-mails from going to this folder.


I cannot login yet I have entered correct login details.

Make sure you do not leave space in the Username input box. If this is in order and you still cannot login, you are welcome to contact us.


I have tried to login for the first time after signing up but there is a technical error?

When you login for the first time as an employer or recruitment agency you will be prompted to change your temporary password. NOTE: You new password must have a minimum of 8 CHARACTERS. So if after changing your password you experience an error, simply click on LOGIN and enter your new login details. If you still cannot login, please send e-mail to


How much does it cost to join Mema?

Registering on the Mema website whether as a recruitment agency or an employer costs nothing, niks, lutho! It's FREE!!


What is a Recruiter?

A Recruiter is an employment agency or an executive search firm (head-hunter) that registers on the Mema website with a view to helping Mema clients (employers) fill their vacant positions.


What is a Mema candidate?

A Mema candidate is any job seeker who is referred to an employer via the Mema website. However, a candidate is owned by a Recruiter (a recruitment agency) for a period of 6 months from the date of CV submission. Mema does not deal with job seekers directly and therefore never owns a candidate.


How does a Recruiter know if its candidate is hired?

An employer that fills a vacancy through Mema has a contractual obligation to notify us, via the Mema website, of its hiring decision. A relevant recruitment agency is then informed automatically via e-mail and invited to claim its commission. 


I understand that Terms and Conditions are available to Mema-registered users (i.e. employers, recruitment agencies). What happens if after signing up, I find that I do not agree with Mema’s Terms and Conditions or clauses thereof?

We hope that if you find Clause/s you are not happy with as regards Mema’s Terms and Conditions you will inform the Mema team with a view to affording us an opportunity to address your concern/s. Alternatively you can simply unsubscribe by giving us 14-day notice of your intention to opt out of the Mema website and you will pay NOTHING if you have not used Mema service/s.

The important point to keep in mind is the fact that registering on the Mema website is FREE and does not (nor is it construed to) constitute commitment, on the part of the user, to engage Mema service/s. Users make use of Mema service/s of their own accord.