Benefits for agencies


Mema cleverly incentivises companies not to drag out the hiring process and to pay fair value! 



a.  Get more jobs to work on in various sectors and access new income stream without investing a lot of time, money and energy in business development. No cold calling headaches!

b.  Find new clients! Market your services to ideal prospects (i.e. employers that have immediate recruitment need and wish to engage the services of recruitment agencies) and build new relationships. 



We place strong emphasis on helping recruitment agencies increase cash flow:

a.  No increase in overheads. You pay no upfront costs; Mema earns if an employer makes a hire!

b.  Earn decent income if you place a candidate and keep a significant portion of your commission even if your hired candidate does not last beyond the probationary period in a new job. 

c.  Get paid for good service  with Mema you can make money even if you do not make a placement.

d.  Reduce cash flow cycle – Mema incentivises clients to hire early (within 30 or 60 days of job posting).



a.  Interact with your current and potential clients, efficiently and seamlessly, in one location. No need to visit different websites of clients in order to submit candidates.

b.  No data capturing required; Mema records transactions for you. You’ll know what job, from which client you (or your colleagues) are working on and which CVs were supplied to which client, for what job.

c.  No obligation to replace your hired candidate or pay money back!

d.  Spend less time chasing clients for feedback. Mema allows each employer to give feedback, especially to multiple recruitment agencies at once, with little effort!

e.   No candidate ownership disputes! If you submit a CV, Mema blocks another agency from supplying the same CV as yours to the same client for the same job. Plus all CV submissions are time and date stamped.