Mema Referral Recruitment (Mema) allows employers and recruitment agencies to do business with one another better in one place. Mema helps both parties reduce their admin work so they can focus on their main task of finding the best talent to fill an open position.


Mema (pronounced ‘member’ without a ‘b’) is a Zulu word that means inviteOur business model is based on a referral recruitment concept whereby employers fill vacancies by inviting help from recruitment agencies that in turn refer their best candidates to employers. We are an independent company with no association to any company in the recruitment industry.


Promoting entrepreneurship: There are different effective methods of recruiting and hiring new skilled employees externally but the use of recruitment agencies remains the most convenient one. Mema's mission is to promote entrepreneurship by giving companies economically sound reasons (improved efficiency and cost saving) to support competent small or micro recruitment agencies.


Whether your company is small, medium-size or big, you can use Mema if you:

  • Want to attract top talent while investing less time and energy in both recruitment and managing agencies.
  • Plan to enlist the services of recruitment agencies on a continuous or an ad hoc basis.
  • Believe in engaging more than one recruitment firm to fill a position with a view to maximising your chances of finding the best candidate/s quickly. Mema makes interacting with multiple recruiting firms easier.
  • Just want to try a new and a more organised way of working with recruitment agencies.  


BEE status

Mema is 100% back owned and a BEE Level 1 contributor with 135% procurement recognition!